Tooth Resorption Repair

If you are experiencing loosening of teeth, pink or darker spots on your tooth, and cavity-like holes at or near the gum line with/without pain, you may be experiencing root resorption. Simply put, root resorption occurs when the body treats the tooth as a foreign object and begins to break it down, and left untreated, will lead to tooth loss. The main cause of tooth resorption is still unknown, however, the main suspects are orthodontic treatment and trauma. Early diagnosis and treatment of root resorption gives us the best chance of saving your tooth and avoiding tooth loss.

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Westerville Traumatic Dental Injuries

Root resorption can be external or internal. Internal root resorption occurs on the inside of the tooth. The repair procedure is applied within the space of the root canal, and when caught early, can help to stop the resorption process. External root resorption is typically more aggressive and progresses from the outside of the tooth toward the pulp. External resorption repair can be performed internally, externally, or both depending on the location and extent of the resorption. Both types of resorption require prompt endodontic care to preserve the tooth and halt/slow down the progression of resorption.

Dr. Mason Bahador will determine the severity of the root resorption using a CT scan and create a care plan to address the state of your tooth. If the resorption is manageable, performing root resorption repair can save the tooth. Extraction and dental implant placement are sometimes better options for teeth with severe resorption.

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Pure Endodontics in Westerville

Our endodontic specialty practice is located in Westerville and offers a full spectrum of endodontic care. Dr. Bahador is an endodontist who performs root canals, non-surgical retreatments, microsurgeries (apicoectomies), root resorption repair, post space preparation, internal bleaching, and care for traumatic dental injuries. He also offers regenerative endodontic care for immature teeth in younger patients and teeth with traumatic injuries.

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