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If you had a recent root canal procedure & are still experiencing discomfort, schedule a root canal retreatment consultation with our Westerville office.

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If you have had a recent root canal procedure at our office or another Endodontics office, and are still experiencing pain, we would advise you to schedule an appointment with our office. According to the NIH, the average root canal success rate is between 90-95%, which means you have a 5-10% chance that the infection will return after the initial procedure. A root canal retreatment is the endodontic procedure that we use to address a re-infected tooth.

A root canal retreatment involves a procedure that is similar to the initial root canal. Dr. Mason Bahador will reopen the tooth and clean out the tooth cavity of the filling and any infection that persists. Once the tooth canal is thoroughly re-cleaned, he will reapply the dental filling and close the tooth.  After closing, Dr. Bahador will also examine the crown that was applied to ensure that it is properly placed, which helps the tooth heal. 

Our team at Pure Endodontics in Westerville works hard to provide effective treatments, but unfortunately complications sometimes occur. If you had a root canal procedure in our office, the follow up visits are an important part of the procedure. Dr. Bahador will closely monitor your repaired tooth following a root canal treatment and may advise a retreatment if the infection returns. 

Root Canal Retreatment Second Opinion

If you had a root canal at another endodontic office, we’d recommend that you seek a second opinion. Our team of endodontic specialists in Westerville can assess the condition of your tooth and find the appropriate treatment to give you relief and restore the function of your tooth. 

If you would like a root canal retreatment consultation, call our office to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online

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Our endodontic specialty practice is located in Westerville and offers a full spectrum of endodontic care. Dr. Bahador is an endodontist who performs root canals, non-surgical retreatments, microsurgeries (apicoectomies), root resorption repair, post space preparation, internal bleaching, and care for traumatic dental injuries. He also offers regenerative endodontic care for immature teeth in younger patients and teeth with traumatic injuries.

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