Post Space Preparation

An endodontic post can be applied to provide stability and retention of the build-up and crown and our office can provide post space preparation in the root of your tooth.

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Post Space Preparation Procedure

If you are a candidate for a root canal and your dentist recommends a post, Dr. Bahador, can prepare a post space or place a post inside one of the roots of your tooth after your endodontic treatment. Sometimes after removal of cavities, most of your tooth structure might be lost. In these cases, a post can be inserted inside one of the roots after root canal is performed to strengthen and retain the filling material under your future crown.

Please call our office in Westerville or fill out our online appointment request form if you need a root canal procedure and post-space preparation.

Pure Endodontics in Westerville

Our endodontic specialty practice is located in Westerville and offers a full spectrum of endodontic care. Dr. Bahador is an endodontist who performs root canals, non-surgical retreatments, microsurgeries (apicoectomies), root resorption repair, post space preparation, internal bleaching, and care for traumatic dental injuries. He also offers regenerative endodontic care for immature teeth in younger patients and teeth with traumatic injuries.

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