Internal Teeth Bleaching

If you have had a root canal, chances are that tooth’s color does not match the rest of your teeth. A root canal removes the pulp of the tooth, which supplies the tooth with nutrients to keep it strong and healthy. Sometimes, a small portion of blood from pulp might stay in the top part of your tooth and/or mix with the root filling material, which can lead to discoloration. Dental trauma can also cause bleeding inside your tooth leading to internal stains. Whitening and external bleaching is a topical treatment that fades stains in the external part of your tooth but may not work on the stains originating from the inside of the tooth.

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Internal Teeth Bleaching in Westerville

Internal bleaching is a process where Dr. Bahador inserts whitening agents inside the tooth cavity rather than its external surface. As the whitening crystals dissolve, the stain will begin to fade from the inside out. These crystals will dissolve the tooth's stain from the inside out. The process will take about 30-45 minutes to complete, and the results will take about 1-3 weeks and might need to be repeated until the desired color and shade is achieved.

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Pure Endodontics in Westerville

Our endodontic specialty practice is located in Westerville and offers a full spectrum of endodontic care. Dr. Bahador is an endodontist who performs root canals, non-surgical retreatments, microsurgeries (apicoectomies), root resorption repair, post space preparation, internal bleaching, and care for traumatic dental injuries. He also offers regenerative endodontic care for immature teeth in younger patients and teeth with traumatic injuries.

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